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BLAZE inter.NET has securely positioned itself as a force in the cyber world of the future. With the emergence of computer-based training (CBT) programs and other automated intranet and extranet programs, such as proposal writing systems, major corporations and small businesses alike will create an overwhelming demand for these valuable cost-cutting tools.

Also, the availability of high-speed connectivity for the majority of all on-line users and consumers will allow for an increase in the number of graphical technologies that can be incorporated into web sites. Programs such as Flash and others, which today can be limiting to a web presence based on the user's connectivity and available plug-ins, will allow 3D animations and live audio and video feeds to be readily presented on every web site. BLAZE inter.NET is uniquely qualified to create these new high-quality web sites with it's extensive experience in both web and multimedia/CD-Rom projects.

Finding a qualified web development firm can be a frightening endeavor. There is a wide spectrum of development firms ranging from one and two individuals, who have completed a six-week course in HTML and create web sites part time in the evening and on weekends to the multi-million dollar firms on Madison Avenue. In the past, businesses saw their competitors on the web and decided their business needed to be there as well. Many didn't understand the reasons for being on the Internet and chose the wrong company for all the wrong reasons. Now that the Internet is becoming more and more understood, in regard to its uses and possibilities, businesses realize that the one and two-man operations cannot provide the quality, experience, level of technical know-how and service necessary to create and maintain a fully-functional, results-driven web presence.

BLAZE inter.NET has the skill, creativity and technical expertise to assist any company design, create and develop an extremely high-quality, results-driven web presence at the highest level of value in the industry. Many of the largest corporations in the industry are too large to keep up with the pace of change on the net. They often find themselves on the outside looking in. BLAZE inter.NET has the flexibility and foresight to change and grow as the Internet and its technologies change and grow. Simply put, BLAZE inter.NET is positioned to be an industry leader in this millennium and BLAZE the trail for others to follow.

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