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the history

Nearly twenty years ago, company founder Bo Blaze started the BLAZE inter.NET parent company, Blaze Productions, an entertainment management and production company. BLAZE Productions managed and produced some of the top acts in the New York/New Jersey metro area. There are still two platinum record awards hanging on the office wall as a testament to the company's roots and success in marketing and promotion.

It was during this period that BLAZE became extremely proficient in audio, video and film production and direction. A considerable amount of the company's time was spent recording and producing audio projects, as will as directing and creating various video and film productions.

At the time when CD-Rom technologies were becoming the favored medium, there was a tremendous demand for companies experienced in audio, video and film production. Because of their wealth of experience in these fields, it was a natural progression for BLAZE Productions to become BLAZE Interactive and enter this market and satisfy the demand. CD-Rom/multimedia projects were completed for many clients, including such prestigious names as Time Warner, The New York City Courthouse Information Kiosk, The New York Public Library, Byron Preiss and Southern Star Interactive.

Several years ago, when the Internet became a viable tool for businesses, BLAZE inter.NET was created. It was again a case of a demand for a diverse and unique set of skills in this new and exciting field for which BLAZE had extensive proficiency. As the Internet has matured, BLAZE inter.NET has too grown in experience and ability, adding proficiency in programming and design as new tools were introduced to the medium. The BLAZE inter.NET client list reflects their growth and ability by including such well known companies as SHARP Electronics, Sherwin Williams, Sumitomo Metals, Sabrett Hot Dogs, BASF and Please visit the portfolio section to find out more about these and other Blaze projects.

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