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Women United In Philanthropy

WUIP's mission is to "promote and focus the philanthropic power of women to effect change in the lives of women in Bergen County". This is no simple task, and when The United Way of Bergen County called, we helped them realize their vision. BLAZE inter.NET created a highly sophisticated custom back-end system that allows them to update all of their pages without help of a programmer. We also created a membership area that allows the members of the group to communicate with others in the group and much more. We did this at a very affordable price and continue on as their webmaster on a daily basis.
Quickly becoming one of the web's leading hotel reservation networks, highlights some of our most advanced programming skills. The site contains updateable content areas like FAQs and About Us sections. But where really shines is in its complex back-end database where thousands of hotel prices, availability dates and assorted information, which are acquired in real time from various data bases on various Internet-connected computers via XML, are combined to provide an exciting E-commerce hotel reservation experience. Please click on the link below to get a full overview on this very sophisticated site.
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Community Partnership Network

Their mission is to help traditionally under-funded community-based agencies meet the needs of Bergen County families by connecting them with a network of community givers. Blaze inter.Net created a highly sophisticated custom back-end system to let them automate this process and help them help others all around Bergen County.

SHARP Electronics - Intranet
BLAZE inter.NET is currently building a major computer based training (CBT) intranet site for SHARP Electronics. This site allows SHARP management the ability to update pages from a user-friendly administration area including FAQs, What's New, Personnel, and much more. Their staff can create new pages on the fly to build unlimited new classes for training the Sharp Electronics sales force. Managers can then upload their own seminars created in PowerPoint; using templates designed by the Blaze team. Please click on the link below to view additional information and screen shots of the project.
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NJ 2-1-1

When the State of NJ and The United Way created a NJ version of the national, 2-1-1 calling network, they called upon BLAZE inter.NET to do the job. This is the second and most recent site revision we have created for the 2-1-1 Partnership.We serve as full time webmaster and work closely with their staff to keep the website current on a daily basis..

Ramapo College of NJ

When Ramapo College needed an Intranet built, they chose BLAZE inter.NET. We worked closely with the school to create a network that enabled their staff to easily participate in the updating and creation of content. We also did an on-site install of the site on their school servers and provided training.

Oral Surgery Quote
Oral Surgery is a service that provides the potential oral surgery patient with substantial savings on their oral surgery needs. This web site also provides useful information about oral and maxillofacial surgery and can help direct you to a member oral surgeon in your area. Currently operating in a market test mode only in the NJ area, this site is truly unique as it replicates the entire site at the click of a button. When Oral Surgery wishes to add a new oral surgeon they can instantly set up a new account. The new member surgeon can then enter their assigned password-protected area input all the specific information on their practice and have their area of the site up and running in minutes. Pages within the site are created dynamically from the information stored in the database. The site's users can search by state and county to find a participating oral surgeon in their area. Please click below to visit this site.

Create My Gift
When an enterprising artist dreamt of providing Internet users the opportunity to create their own custom-drawn, personalized gifts she looked to BLAZE inter.NET. Beth Allen's dream became reality in an extremely intricate cold fusion process enabling the customer to view each step in the process of creating their very own figure. Each option from hairstyle to skin tone and clothing color is systematically erected to their specifications. The user may also create couples, corporate gifts and party favors, with a full array of add-ons and accessories to further personalized their picture. Customers can send a personalized gift certificate, which will not only provide a personalized and customized gift, but will also allow the recipient to enjoy the experience of creating their own gift. This clearly defined e-commerce web site has an administration area where CMG staff may add discount codes for distribution. These discount codes can be created for any desired percentage off the regular gift retail prices.

Creative Caterers
This is a great example of creating a site to fit the look and feel of the company it represents. The owners of Creative Caterers pride themselves on their homemade foods and baked goods and the elegance of their full-service custom catering. This site fully represents that feel. Browsing the site you'll find an E-Commerce shopping area for the purchase of their baked goods and gift baskets. Behind the scenes, the staff at Creative Caterers can change all the items and prices on the menu pages, which are databased and updateable via their password-protected administration area on the web. Please click below for more details on this project.
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Transindigo Inc
As a major new player in the internet security industry with front page stories in Internet Week and other major publications, Transindigo was looking for a very high quality, efficient, clean and professional web site to match their image. Please click on the link below to find out how many of the pages of this site utilize cut & paste methods to populate updateable content areas. This site also employs such features as password-protected downloadable files, updateable news tickers, archiving of content and much more.
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NCS Recovery Corp.
Despite being a highly successful full service collection agency for nearly a decade, the NCS Recovery Corp. was unhappy with the look and quality of their web site, so they looked to the professionals at BLAZE inter.NET to completely redesign the look and upgrade the functionality of their Internet home to reflect the company's distinguished reputation. The result is an easily navigated promotional tool for a growing client base, complete with an eye-catching flash animation and complimentary musical soundtrack. Clients can use the fully functional adminsitration page to enter and view pertinent information.

Atlantic Track & Turnout Co.
Established in 1924, Atlantic Track and Turnout is the #1 worldwide supplier of both new and used railroad/rail related products. Please click below to see how this web site incorporates a fully searchable product database, a custom-designed calculation page that integrates data from the database on the fly, an updateable FAQ page and great graphics too!. You may also note the use of frames to link to another web site to display the information on rubber-nosed clips without ever leaving the Atlantic Track web site. This is an example of attracting users (web traffic) and then not losing the user by linking to another related web site.
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Beauty Loft
A major new cosmetics site for the web. Beauty Loft will open it's cyber doors in the very near future. The final touches are being put into place on this fully operational E-commerce site. BLAZE inter.NET created the fully functional custom database allowing users to search by product or brand. Users can then view thumbnail images, click to view larger images with descriptions and then add products to the custom shopping cart for purchase.

Wayne Towne Center
The Wayne Towne Center is an enclosed single level shopping center. This beautiful, upscale specialty center is minutes from Interstate 80, the Garden State Parkway, and the New Jersey Turnpike and is easily accessible from all surrounding communities, including New York. Being such an upscale shopping center, the management at the Wayne Towne Center was extremely concerned with the graphical look of their site, which is why they turned to BLAZE inter.NET. BLAZE was able to provide the desired high-quality look as well as tremendous functionality for the users. The site contains a framed page with mouse-overs to display the store directory map. The user can also click to open a new browser window to view a complete text listing of all the stores. The store directory and the event calendar are updateable through the site's administration area. As store's move in and out of the mall, the Wayne Towne Center staff can update the store directory and map, in addition, they can add links to the store's web site that is displayed within a separate framed page. Please note the main image on the site's Home page. It is actually 3 photos blended into one. Click below to view the beautiful look to the site and the functionality associated with the store directory.
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60 Second Gift
A very creative site where users can go online and make a custom piece of artwork for the young person in their life.

A nationwide dental registry consisting of dentists throughout the entire country. This site uses extensive back-end database technology and has a full administration area for the DentistFind staff to upgrade the site as often as necessary. Users can search the database to find information on participating dentists in their area. Please click below to visit this highly functional web site.

NYC Sports is a major new sports site. This site is extremely interesting as it is completely updateable. Every link can be updated and new pages can be created on the fly through a user-friendly, password-protected administration area. Updateable sports calendars for all the local NYC teams, This Day In NYC Sports History, Updateable Feature Columns and so much more. Please feel free to click below to view this site as it is under construction, but it will be live shortly.

One of the largest international tour operators in the world, T-Pro needed a way to make a tremendous amount of information available to their clients all over the globe. BLAZE inter.NET created a password-protected log-in area that protects their classified information and then added thousands of document pages in .PDF format along with many pages of updates on the various hotels and tour packages. All of this information is updateable via a user-friendly administration area found in a second, unseen password-protected area of the site. Please click on the link below to see more about on project.

The Wall Street Jovial
This web site presents well-known financial analyst David R. Gahary's wonderfully irreverent take on Wall Street. This is a great example of a fully automated web site. Our client is able to update all feature stories, links and headlines from a user-friendly, password-protected administration area. Please click below to view this bold new web site.

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