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Quickly becoming one of the web's leading hotel reservation networks, highlights some of our most advanced programming skills. The site contains updateable content areas like FAQs and About Us sections. But where really shines is in its complex back-end database where thousands of hotel prices, availability dates and assorted information, which are acquired in real time from various data bases on various Internet-connected computers via XML, are combined to provide an exciting E-commerce hotel reservation experience. Please click on the link below to get a full overview on this very sophisticated site.
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This is a great example of how an entrepreneur took a niche and ran with it. A local dentist was able to get supplies at a low cost and decided to create a no-nonsense site that would sell Quality dental products at a lower price than anyone else. They wanted the site PAINFULLY simple but still wanted many bells and whistles behind the scenes. The ability to make their own changes was also of great importance. We used the popular "Magento" shopping cart system which allowed us the power and flexibility to customize the site as needed while still allowing the client to be part of the development team.

Creative Caterers
This is a great example of creating a site to fit the look and feel of the company it represents. The owners of Creative Caterers pride themselves on their homemade foods and baked goods and the elegance of their full-service custom catering. This site fully represents that feel. Browsing the site you'll find an E-Commerce shopping area for the purchase of their baked goods and gift baskets. Behind the scenes, the staff at Creative Caterers can change all the items and prices on the menu pages, which are databased and updateable via their password-protected administration area on the web. Please click below for more details on this project.
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Create My Gift
When an enterprising artist dreamt of providing Internet users the opportunity to create their own custom-drawn, personalized gifts she looked to BLAZE inter.NET. Beth Allen's dream became reality in an extremely intricate cold fusion process enabling the customer to view each step in the process of creating their very own figure. Each option from hairstyle to skin tone and clothing color is systematically erected to their specifications. The user may also create couples, corporate gifts and party favors, with a full array of add-ons and accessories to further personalized their picture. Customers can send a personalized gift certificate, which will not only provide a personalized and customized gift, but will also allow the recipient to enjoy the experience of creating their own gift. This clearly defined e-commerce web site has an administration area where CMG staff may add discount codes for distribution. These discount codes can be created for any desired percentage off the regular gift retail prices.

Beauty Loft
A major new cosmetics site for the web. Beauty Loft will open it's cyber doors in the very near future. The final touches are being put into place on this fully operational E-commerce site. BLAZE inter.NET created the fully functional custom database allowing users to search by product or brand. Users can then view thumbnail images, click to view larger images with descriptions and then add products to the custom shopping cart for purchase.

Infertility Tutorials

Dr. Eric Daiter's award winning site was quite a challenge. Our client had thousands of pages of content that he had assembled on infertility and needed a company that could take all his ideas and make them a reality. Highly interactive and updateable, this site was a wonderful achievement for both customer and company.

Community Partnership Network

Their mission is to help traditionally under-funded community-based agencies meet the needs of Bergen County families by connecting them with a network of community givers. Blaze inter.Net created a highly sophisticated custom back-end system to let them automate this process and help them help others all around Bergen County.

Grill In A Bottle
When founder, Dwight Grenawald invented a revolutionary food product and wanted to use the expansive landscape of the Internet to herald it, he turned to BLAZE inter.NET. The official web home for Grill in a Bottle is not only a great promotional tool, but also a fully functional e-commerce site. Consumers can view and learn about all of the product's eight flavors and easily order them on the spot. A unique rollover navigation set-up allows each bottle to be displayed on the home page.

Creative Trademark Services
A Trademark research company that caters to both the Attorney and the layperson alike. Lots of information as well as online ordering ability.

60 Second Gift
A very creative site where users can go online and make a custom piece of artwork for the young person in their life.

Foot Posture
When the successful Ortho-Dynamics company wanted to do a follow-up web site, they returned to BLAZE inter.NET. The result is, a cyber store for orthotic footwear. It also serves as a conventional and straightforward corporate web site, utilizing an entry-level method of creating online commerce. Products are available for purchase via the site and are offered done in an extremely inexpensive and uncomplicated way. Please click below to view this web site or the testimonial letter from Foot Posture.

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Lot's To Live For
When our client wanted to start a business to help cancer survivors, like herself, she called on BLAZE inter.NET. We helped her create a one Stop Shopping Solution for all Cancer Treatment Side Effects. This site uses a 3rd party shopping cart system that we integrated into the site as requested by our client.

Bainbridge Onboard
The Nielsen-Bainbridge company, renowned in the art/framing community, was so pleased with BLAZE inter.NET?s exhaustive efforts in creating its Framer?s Corner web site, it returned for the colorful and informative Bainbridge Onboard project. Nielsen wanted an easy-to-navigate primer to all their Foamboard products, complete with illustrated instruction pages for using them to build fun crafts. This site also features a fully functional back-end administration area for an updateable Talk Board page, where professionals can share their expertise with visitors.

New Generation Devices

Our client's mission was to provide the veterinary orthopedic community with, high quality products at economical prices, with contemporary designs to replace outdated concepts.We helped them achieve that goal by creating a custom site that allowed customers to both order online and view the items in a free flowing design. The website allowed our client to increase their business substantially and display their products in the meticulous manner they desire.

Who would ever think that there was so much to know about Orthotics? Well, just reading the info on this site should make your feet feel better! A conventional and straightforward corporate web site, this site utilizes an entry level method of creating online commerce. Products are available for purchase via the site, but it's done in an extremely inexpensive and uncomplicated way. Please click below to view this web site or the testimonial letter from Ortho-Dynamics.
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Nielsen Bainbridge Framer's Corner
Framer's Corner is the latest in the growing number of web sites offered by the acclaimed Nielsen- Bainbridge frame company. Highlights include a Learning Circle page, where experts can add lessons at anytime from an easy-to-use administration area, and an Ask The Experts page, where visitors can e-mail professionals and enter a Talk Board. Nielsen employees may also post the company newsletter, Shop Talk onto the site through a detailed administration area.

Shoe Chic
Selling an extensive collection of fashionable bridal and evening shoes designed by well-known manufacturers from around the world, including Italy and Spain means you need an equally impressive presence on the web. When Shoe Chic made that crucial step, they employed the experts at BLAZE inter.NET. The management team at Shoe Chic needed an elegant look with a heavy wedding motif, replete with thumbnail and close-up photos of their many styles and an order form detailing color, size, quantity and more.

Freedom Tee
Site created to sell Freedom T-shirts after 9/11. Integrated with paypal shopping cart system.

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