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SHARP Electronics - Intranet
BLAZE inter.NET is currently building a major computer based training (CBT) intranet site for SHARP Electronics. This site allows SHARP management the ability to update pages from a user-friendly administration area including FAQs, What's New, Personnel, and much more. Their staff can create new pages on the fly to build unlimited new classes for training the Sharp Electronics sales force. Managers can then upload their own seminars created in PowerPoint; using templates designed by the Blaze team. Please click on the link below to view additional information and screen shots of the project.
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Time Warner Interactive
The BLAZE inter.NET team was chosen by Time Warner Interactive in conjunction with Byron Preiss Multimedia to develop one of their most prestigious titles, Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five. The BLAZE team was completely responsible for directing, producing and creating all content, including the creation of original artwork, voiceover talent, video capturing and editing and much more.

Formby's, a division of Sherwin Williams
The Formby's brand has been around for decades and in that time has become a leader in the wood refinishing industry in both product quality and wood-working knowledge. Now combine the respected Formby's name with the Sherwin Williams name and that represents tremendous quality and recognition. A challenge for any web development company, yet one that was welcomed by BLAZE inter.NET. This web site has a back-end administration area for the Formby's staff to administer their Customer Talk Board, Monthly Tips and Customer Success Story. Please click below to view a more detailed overview of this web project.
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SHARP Electronics AR-C150 Training CD-Rom
When one of the world's largest companies required an interactive CD-Rom training disc for their newest Color Imager/Copier, they called BLAZE inter.NET. Please click on the link below to find out more on this self-running CD-Rom presentation that employs audio/video clips, animation, music, and other tools to train the Sharp Electronics sales force and to demonstrate the product to prospective customers.
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EDAX Microanalysis, a division of Philips Inc
BLAZE inter.NET was hired by the Fortune 500 corporation, Philips Inc. to repair their EDAX Microanalysis web site after employing another company and receiving unacceptable results. This is an example of a company recognizing that their web presence was not on a par with the quality of their core business and taking the appropriate steps to correct it. Even the largest of companies acknowledge the need to work with professionals in the Internet industry. Please click on the link below to read a testimonial letter from the project manager at EDAX commenting on the high level of satisfaction with the service provided by BLAZE inter.NET.
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BASF Plastic Materials
BASF Corporation Plastics Materials, one of the world's largest companies, is a performance plastic supplier dedicated to providing plastic-related products and services that make their customers' products better. This plastics division area is very informative, providing content on the company, its products and services. The BASF project management team purposely requested the use large graphics on this site. In all cases, BLAZE inter.NET strives to meet the needs and wishes of the client; injecting our creativity when required, while also content to take direction when needed.

Sumitomo Metals
Sumitomo Metals is a multi-billion dollar Japanese corporation that has been in business since the 1500's. Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd., one of the core companies in the group, has established a reputation and position as one of the largest and leading iron and steel companies in the world. This division deals with LSI Computer Chips so the look of the site incorporates computer boards and other related components. Please click below to view this very smart web site.

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