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Oral Surgery Quote
Oral Surgery is a service that provides the potential oral surgery patient with substantial savings on their oral surgery needs. This web site also provides useful information about oral and maxillofacial surgery and can help direct you to a member oral surgeon in your area. Currently operating in a market test mode only in the NJ area, this site is truly unique as it replicates the entire site at the click of a button. When Oral Surgery wishes to add a new oral surgeon they can instantly set up a new account. The new member surgeon can then enter their assigned password-protected area input all the specific information on their practice and have their area of the site up and running in minutes. Pages within the site are created dynamically from the information stored in the database. The site's users can search by state and county to find a participating oral surgeon in their area. Please click below to visit this site.

Infertility Tutorials

Dr. Eric Daiter's award winning site was quite a challenge. Our client had thousands of pages of content that he had assembled on infertility and needed a company that could take all his ideas and make them a reality. Highly interactive and updateable, this site was a wonderful achievement for both customer and company.

This is a great example of how an entrepreneur took a niche and ran with it. A local dentist was able to get supplies at a low cost and decided to create a no-nonsense site that would sell Quality dental products at a lower price than anyone else. They wanted the site PAINFULLY simple but still wanted many bells and whistles behind the scenes. The ability to make their own changes was also of great importance. We used the popular "Magento" shopping cart system which allowed us the power and flexibility to customize the site as needed while still allowing the client to be part of the development team.

Foot Posture
When the successful Ortho-Dynamics company wanted to do a follow-up web site, they returned to BLAZE inter.NET. The result is, a cyber store for orthotic footwear. It also serves as a conventional and straightforward corporate web site, utilizing an entry-level method of creating online commerce. Products are available for purchase via the site and are offered done in an extremely inexpensive and uncomplicated way. Please click below to view this web site or the testimonial letter from Foot Posture.

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Dr. Eric Daiter Infertility Specialist
Dr. Daiter is Board Certified in reproductive endocrinology and infertility. He specializes in all aspects of In Vitro Fertilization, with a patient success rate among the highest in the state of New Jersey. Dr. Daiter has performed several hundred advanced operative laparoscopic and hysteroscopic surgeries, utilizing the most modern laser techniques. This site shows how you can have a tremendous amount of content (90+ pages!) and keep your investment to a minimum. A very uncomplicated yet functional site. Fascinating free information on infertility and treatment. This site is a valuable resource for anyone researching the subject of infertility. Please click below to view this content-driven web site.
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Emerson Animal Hospital
Emerson Animal Hospital is one of New Jersey's premiere animal care providers. Their web site is actually four sites in one. The main Emerson area web site is seamlessly joined by sister sites for their Jersey City, North Bergen and Hoboken Animal Hospitals. This fun and friendly site allows our client to communicate to the communities they serve, as well as provide lots of valuable information to people all over the world.
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Who would ever think that there was so much to know about Orthotics? Well, just reading the info on this site should make your feet feel better! A conventional and straightforward corporate web site, this site utilizes an entry level method of creating online commerce. Products are available for purchase via the site, but it's done in an extremely inexpensive and uncomplicated way. Please click below to view this web site or the testimonial letter from Ortho-Dynamics.
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New Generation Devices

Our client's mission was to provide the veterinary orthopedic community with, high quality products at economical prices, with contemporary designs to replace outdated concepts.We helped them achieve that goal by creating a custom site that allowed customers to both order online and view the items in a free flowing design. The website allowed our client to increase their business substantially and display their products in the meticulous manner they desire.

Lot's To Live For
When our client wanted to start a business to help cancer survivors, like herself, she called on BLAZE inter.NET. We helped her create a one Stop Shopping Solution for all Cancer Treatment Side Effects. This site uses a 3rd party shopping cart system that we integrated into the site as requested by our client.

A nationwide dental registry consisting of dentists throughout the entire country. This site uses extensive back-end database technology and has a full administration area for the DentistFind staff to upgrade the site as often as necessary. Users can search the database to find information on participating dentists in their area. Please click below to visit this highly functional web site.

Hackensack University Medical Center
BLAZE inter.NET created a cyber-brochure for the Hackensack University Medical Center, one of the country's most prestigious hospitals. This cyber-brochure is based on one of their excellent Cancer care pamphlets and is currently being used by their advertising company and also on the hospital's Intranet.

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