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Mike Francesa's World of Sports
WFAN's Mike Francesa has been NY's #1 radio sports personality for almost 10 years! The NFL NOW, NY SPORTS, NBA NOW, NCAA NOW and MLB NOW, are just some of the fantastic areas available FREE on this site. Every word of content comes straight from Mike's mouth on a daily basis. Please click below to view this web site or the testimonial letter from the site's manager.
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James Campion
Well-known author James Campion writes his weekly political column Reality Check for the NYC, tri-state area publication Aquarian Weekly. Mr. Campion needed a way to communicate quickly and directly to thousands of loyal readers. BLAZE inter.NET created a user-friendly administration area that allows James to manage the database that automatically collects the e-mail addresses of the users who register for his mailing list. With a click of a button, Mr. Campion can send his column directly to all members of the mailing list. This site also accepts E-Commerce orders for Mr. Campion's books and merchandise. To view this web site, please click below.

The Monster
The Monster, one of New Jersey's hottest rock bands, needed a cyber home to display their engaging wit and creativity while simultaneously acting as a meeting place for a growing legion of fans to find their latest gigs and interact with the group. With its long history in entertainment and promotion, BLAZE inter.NET was the perfect choice to design and build this eclectic, but user-friendly web site. Complete with a back-end administration area where all the band members can update a scrolling banner and news stories, anecdotes and hyperbole on the home page via the Intertnet, the site also boasts a sign-up field where visitors can join they're extensive mailing list and view a calendar of upcoming performances. There is also a fun Mad Lib form, where fans can create their own twisted stories, reminiscent of the popular game and a Talk Board for requests, reviews and overall merriment.

NYC Sports is a major new sports site. This site is extremely interesting as it is completely updateable. Every link can be updated and new pages can be created on the fly through a user-friendly, password-protected administration area. Updateable sports calendars for all the local NYC teams, This Day In NYC Sports History, Updateable Feature Columns and so much more. Please feel free to click below to view this site as it is under construction, but it will be live shortly.

The Wall Street Jovial
This web site presents well-known financial analyst David R. Gahary's wonderfully irreverent take on Wall Street. This is a great example of a fully automated web site. Our client is able to update all feature stories, links and headlines from a user-friendly, password-protected administration area. Please click below to view this bold new web site.

Magna Publishing

Armchair QB
Armchair QB is the most comprehensive collection of sports media information available on the web. Anyone looking for sports on the web will find it at Armchair QB. The management team at Armchair QB recognized their need for a web company experienced in design layout to organize all the vast information being put forward on their site. They chose BLAZE inter.NET. The material within the site is presented in an extremely user-friendly manner. The user can easily navigate the site to ingest the mounds of available information. Please click below to view this dynamic web site.
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13th Floor Enhanced CD+
BLAZE inter.NET produced, programmed and created one of the very first multimedia-enhanced music CDs in the world. It is widely regarded as the first ever by an Independent group and was glowingly received and reviewed by the press. The disk received a B+ rating in both Entertainment Weekly and TIME Magazine.

DC Sports
DC Sports is the leading supplier of team sporting goods ranging from basketballs, sneakers, cleats and bags to t-shirts and other apparel. BLAZE inter.NET was able to work within the budget set for the project to build a very smart, professional and fully functional Internet presence. Please click below to view this web site.

All About Parties
All About Parties is one of the leading interactive entertainment companies in the New York/New Jersey area. After five years of growth, it's CEO, Kevin Kiernan chose BLAZE inter.NET to take the party to the world wide web. This compact site allows All About Parties to promote their diverse deejay services with pictorial descriptions and provide a way for interested visitors to inquire on a contact form. Potential customers can also interact with the lively group through a contest page.  

Evil Records
During the summer of 1997 NY's newest independent rap label was founded, Evil Records. Evil's vision is to introduce NY's REAL street life to the world through hip hop music and film. The choice to have BLAZE inter.NET develop this web site was an easy one. Blaze has extensive experience with audio and video through its knowledge and understanding of multimedia technologies including

Historic Toy Soldier Shoppe
The Historic Toy Soldier Shoppe offers a unique shopping experience for both the novice and the experienced toy soldier collector. All of the figures and accessories are in 54mm scale and are historically accurate. Their playsets cover a wide range of different battles and conflicts throughout American History and can be ordered on-line. The on-line order process allows the user the option of standard or secure ordering. This option is handy for users with older browsers where the security certificate is expired.

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